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Hello, My Name is Rita and I'm An Artist 

Welcome to my website

As an artist, I'm interested in panting different topics in different styles. I paint mysterious landscapes, mythical creatures within those landscapes or nude female bodies in bold colours, movement and textures.


I have a series of artwork on the subject of socially conscious art, which is quite different from my other paintings. The series of " Labyrinth of Social Conscience" is a bit gloomy, monochromatic, but full of hope. These artworks are part drawings, part paintings using a variety of technics such as charcoal, pencil, ink and chalk. 

A frequent topic of my art recently seems to be the tiger and the cat or rather the symbolism both of those animals contain. The series of "Tigers" is done on large canvas and painted in traditional technic using oil paints. The "Mystical Cats" are smaller and more abstract painted using a mixed media using both acrylic and oil paint as well as pens and ink. I don't like to be boxed in one particular style, that is why I rarely show my work in art galleries.

Apart from painting I love to sculpt. One of my favourite media is the art medal which is a small handheld sculpture in 3D or flat relief design similar to the sports or military medals. I am a member of the British Art Medal Society and The International Art Medal Federation, or Fédération Internationale de la Médaille d'Art (FIDEM). Thanks to them I had the opportunity to exhibit my art medals in Scotland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, China and most recently in Canada. My medal designs have been also used as an award statue for the annual social art award "Red Line Art Works" 


I also use my sculpting skill through computer programs where I perform digital reconstructions of ancient and medieval coins (link) or do completely original designs which are later transformed into collectable coins and medallions (link).

My latest interest is writing and illustrating books for children. You can have a look at one of my picture books "Star Rows" on Amazon: There are more books to be published soon, so keep following my social media for that. I have done illustrations for editorials, poetry and adult fiction books. I'm really looking forward to illustrating my own writing projects but also collaborating with other talented artists and authors. 


I work from a studio in a beautiful community of artists called Bath Artists' Studios. I would like to encourage everyone to come and visit me here at our annual Open Studios weekend at the end of September or contact me and we can arrange a private visit.


So this is me, Rita. I hope you like my website. Please visit my Twitter or Instagram for more up to date posts and behind the scene shots of my studio and work in progress. 


Thank you for visiting!


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