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Shortlisted for "Refresh" Art Award

"The Refresh Art Award was founded in 2018 as an independent prize to take the temperature of the unrepresented art world, which makes up the majority of artists producing work at any given time."

My painting "From Windrush to Brexit" was accepted for this exhibition in 5th Base Gallery, London and shortlisted for the award. Or course I was happy that my political messages have finally caught someones attention (this is painting is almost 6 years old), but I knew there's no chance of winning the prize money. Who won, you ask? But of course, an arrogant white male who didn't even whisper when he offered to give the prize money back to the organisers, because all he cares for is the recognition and lovely little word "winner" on his CV.

Oh well, I didn't make a fuss. Maybe he would've won anyway, so if I said anything I'd just look vindictive. I guess "shortlisted" is not so bad either.

Here is a poem that goes together with this painting but was not included in the exhibition despite my request.

The Law

Sticks stones guns bombs

Run bribe swim hide

S u r v i v e

Stop. Access denied.


Paper you have.

Paper you don’t.

Paper of proof.

Paper you don’t want.

Paper of birth.

Paper of address.

Paper of grades.

Paper to impress.

Paper of the dead.

Paper that you’re wed.

Paper of place.

Paper of your face.

Paper that you pay.

Paper to stay?


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