Art in its purest form

Good Morning Sunshine
Hello, and welcome to my website!

As an artist, my great inspiration is the beautiful city of Bath. It presents not only stunning landscapes as topics for my paintings but also provides endless inspiration through its history and tales. But I also recognise the great influence artists have on their audience and that is where the constantly expanding series of the "Labyrinth of Social Conscience" comes from. This series of nearly 20 pairs of monochromatic paintings and medals (hand held sculpture) is my personal comment on social and political issues that plague our society today. One particular painting "Some of us need more" has won the prestigious Red Line Art Works Award, which makes me feel very proud and hopeful for the future of our world.

My most recent endeavour is writing and illustrating children's books. This ties with the social context of my work, as I think that only by educating and influencing the youngest generations can our world truly move forward.

Art is not my job, but my passion. I put my soul into every piece I create. Most of the pictures on this website are available as giclée prints in different sizes. I occasionally take commissions too.

Thank you for visiting my website.
Enjoy the art in its purest form!